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Toothaches vary from minor to severe, but whatever the intensity, the patient wants to feel better as soon as possible. Dr. Gary Squyres DDS offers the best in diagnostics and restorative solutions to relieve the pressure, throbbing pain and sensitivity to pressure and temperature of the common toothache. 

Toothaches can have various accompanying symptoms including:

illustration of tooth with red spot on it and lightning bolts around it indicating pain, toothache Magnolia, TX dentist

-Throbbing pain
-Sensitivity to hot or cold beverages or a sharp pain when biting or chewing
-Swelling of the jaw
-Redness and/or a pimple at the gum line
-Drainage that is bad-tasting
-A general feeling of malaise
-Persistent bad breath
-Toothache first aid

What causes a toothache, and how can our dental team help?

Tooth pain isn’t always a cavity. Tooth erosion, damaged enamel, gum disease, and infected tooth roots can all lead to discomfort. Patients should contact the office as soon as any symptoms arise. The sooner the problem is diagnosed and treated, the better the person will feel and the better the outcome of any treatment will be.

Causes Of Tooth Pain


Cavities are usually the first thing that comes to mind when a tooth is in pain. Cavities form when the bacteria in plaque (a sticky film that builds up on our teeth) are left to feed on tooth enamel weakening it and leaving it vulnerable to further erosion and eventual decay (cavities.

Tooth Erosion

Worn-down teeth are often a result of bruxism (tooth grinding). With continuing grinding pressure on the teeth, enamel is worn away prematurely. Teeth can crack or chip. They may loosen or develop sensitivity to heat, cold, and pressure.

Damaged Enamel

Aggressive brushing, especially with firm toothbrushes, can damage enamel. When the dentin underneath the tooth enamel is exposed, heat and cold can reach the sensitive inner tooth and trigger discomfort.

Gum Disease

As gum disease progresses, the gums start to pull away from the teeth and expose their roots. Even though the roots are protected by cementum, they are more sensitive to heat and cold.

Infected Tooth Roots

When exposure to hot and cold foods causes continuous discomfort, or your gums are red or swollen or tender around a tooth, or when you can’t bite down without pain, it could mean that the pulp or roots of your tooth are infected or damaged. Damage to the tooth’s pulp can also be the result of an injury, such as a blow to the mouth. A chip, a crack, or a deep cavity can leave an opening for infection.

Are you dealing with a painful toothache? Call Gary Squyres DDS and get the proper treatment you need! Call our Magnolia, TX dental office at (281) 252-8809 to book an appointment.

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